We can pack in Easy open lid for all packing with the exception of 900 g, 1000 g 1705 g, 1800 g and 3000 g which are packed in Normal Lid only.

We also have availability to pack in Soybean oil, Sunflower oil, Olive oil as well as in Brine ( Water) .

According to demand we can also pack Tuna with different vegetable as well as in tomato sauce, curry sauce, mayonnaise, Mexican style, American style, Italian style and many other combinations.

We specialise in the above packing with E.U Standards, FAD Free furthermore our Canned Tuna factories in Vietnam have all certifications available such as HACCP , EU, IFS, BRC, USFDA, South African Certifications as well as South American Countries Certifications and are packing tuna under high standards.

We are also offering other types of Tuna such as Tongol and Yellow fin, for further information and specifications kindly contact us.